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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ding Dong Merrily along

Well Christmas happened! I have been at home for six days now and it has been a blast!
Upon arriving here in the cold twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul we took my mom out to lunch right away! The 22nd of december is my mom's birthday! We ate at the best italian food place in probably all of Minnesota  "Cosettas" it was just as I remembered it. Delicious.

From then on I have been spending time with my family which I really needed. We have been playing games, drinking wine and having a great time. I have had three Christmas's this year!  
Both of my grandma's houses and one with just my family. They all have been great in there own way. 

Also on Tuesday Philip , mom and I went to the Mall Of America ! It was a humorous trip because every one thought philip and I were dating or married and we had to continually say " Nope we are siblings " haha oh well. I guess it makes sense because Philip and Ryan do sorta look a like ....creepy. I think so. (ryan is my boyfriend) 

Today I will depart from the twin cities gang and head up north to the even colder Detroit Lakes! Yeppie! I am going to see all my friends! 

Thats all for now. 

I will put pictures up from christmas soon! 

with love,

Bethany Joy

       Mall of America indoor theme park!

    Lego Land!!


  1. oh cool photos! i really want to go there it looks so cool!

    i missss youuuU!!! love!

  2. that mall is nuts! legosssssssssssss