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Friday, January 13, 2012

I love you so: Jess Allyn

I rarely meet people who are as creative as Jess is. She has a passion for handmade, and even though she is very humble about her work, she is very, very good. I am in awe of her crafts, mostly because I can't even sew a button back on my coat. (I'm seriously horrible) But Jess, Jess is a full time crafter! She is more then just her crafts though, her love for people and God is what defines her. She is surround by people who love her and support her. She recently started making these little dolls that are just the cutest things on the planet. She custom makes them to look like you and your other half or dolls for the little girls in your life. Ryan and I just got some as a gift and I was over the moon. I can honestly say that every time I look at them I just get so happy. :) I can't wait for my children to play with them.

Jess and I spend countless hours showing each other new blogs and things that inspire us. We have a very similar eye for design, colors, and photos. I love that we can just bounce idea's back and forth and we can just know what the others thinking.

Here are things I know & Love about her:
1.) She loves Mint Tea
2.) Her love for music goes deep
3.) She loves to cook
4.) Her room is magical
5.) She loves toy camera's
6.) She hates technology
7.) She is marring the sweetest guy in the world
8.) She loves to have a sense of community
9.) Colored tights are a staple
10.) She loves craft fairs

Visit her blog and seriously order a doll they are the best gifts!

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